Say hi to the new 0x

Today we are excited to introduce you to the all-new 0x, an integrated suite of APIs for developers and teams building financial products on crypto rails.

Published on
April 20, 2023
Say hi to the new 0x

At 0x, we are building a tokenized world where all value flows freely. We do this by empowering developers and teams with essential Web3 tools to provide faster trading, better prices and superior UX. Since we launched 0x API in 2020, we have enabled hundreds of teams to easily tap into 100+ exchanges on Ethereum and 7 other chains, and we have facilitated over 52 million trades from 6 million end users representing more than $125B in volume traded. With 0x API, developers and teams have expanded their business, gone multi-chain, onboarded new users to Web3 and built some of the most popular Web3 apps like Coinbase Wallet, Robinhood Wallet, Metamask, Matcha, Zerion, Zapper, and more. 

Having a front row seat to the explosive growth in on-chain activity over the last three years has given us a unique perspective on the challenges developers and teams face in a multi-chain world where value flows freely. We recognize that developers and teams need to offer a wide range of features to their users beyond just swaps. They need access to the best Web3 tools that allow them to unlock new features and take their users’ experience to the next level with the same level of security, reliability and trust they have on the 0x API. 

"The rapid innovation and growth of Web3 has led to fragmentation of users across chains, and liquidity across DEX markets, bringing challenges for developers. Working alongside builders and entrepreneurs has allowed the 0x team to stay abreast of market trends and forge the most battle-tested developer APIs in the industry," said Will Warren, Co-founder and Co-CEO at 0x.

Today we are excited to introduce you to the all-new 0x, developers’ one-stop shop to build the best financial products on crypto rails. This marks a significant milestone in the evolution of 0x API as we launch a full suite of powerful APIs designed to eliminate complexity and reduce the infrastructure overhead of building financial products in a multi-chain world. 0x enables developers and teams of all sizes to build better products, faster.

What’s new

📊 0x Dashboard

The 0x Dashboard is our new home base for all things 0x. Through the dashboard developers and teams can generate API keys for new projects, monitor and manage integrations, get access to new APIs and tap into more developer resources like our latest tutorials and guides. 

🧱 New building blocks

In addition to Swap and Tx Relay, we are launching three new APIs in Q3 — Tx History, Token Registry and a new version of Orderbook. Some of these APIs are currently in closed beta so please reach out if you’re interested in early access.

🎨 A new brand identity and website

0x provides an overarching name that encompasses everything we plan to offer. We also redesigned our website, check it out at

🔄 0x API is now Swap API

Our flagship product, the liquidity and smart order routing API that connects developers to 100+ exchanges, has a new name too. 

💬 Intercom support

We are rolling out support via Intercom to users this quarter. Our goal is to provide the best-in-class developer support in the market, and this allows us to do it at scale.

🤖 AI-enhanced developer docs

Our documentation now incorporates AI technology to give you an improved experience when looking for specific information or when you have a specific question in mind.

0x Dashboard, your home base for all things 0x

The 0x Dashboard allows developers and teams to start using our APIs, for free, in under five minutes. Through the dashboard, users can manage multiple 0x integrations and API keys from one platform. We have an ambitious roadmap for the dashboard, starting with integration metrics and insights coming soon. 

If you are a developer or a team already using one of our APIs, kindly note that starting in May, you will need an account in the 0x Dashboard and an API key to continue using our endpoints. 

“Since we launched the first version of Swap API in 2020, our goal has been to empower developers with the best tools so they can focus on what matters most: their users. We are excited to do this now at scale with a full suite of powerful APIs and the 0x Dashboard. Each API is rigorously developed incorporating developer feedback, on-chain data, and creative engineering to help developers and teams build delightful products and on-board millions of new users to Web3,” said Fulvia Morales, Director of Product, 0x.

Up Next

0x is committed to connecting developers to Web3 markets by building essential developer tools across Ethereum and other EVM chains. We continue investing heavily into new infrastructure that helps abstract away the complexities that adversely impact the adoption of crypto and innovating with new APIs. In the coming weeks and months you will continue hearing from us as we improve our products, launch new features and enhance our support channels. 

For more information, please visit our website at or follow us via Twitter at @0xproject

About 0x 

0x is developers’ one-stop shop to build financial products on crypto rails. 0x empowers hundreds of developers with essential Web3 tools to enable faster trading, better prices and superior UX. Our suite of APIs has processed over 52 million transactions and $125B in volume from more than 6 million users trading on apps like Coinbase Wallet, Robinhood Wallet, Matcha, Metamask, Zerion, Zapper, and more.

Founded in 2017, the 0x team is also the creator of the decentralized exchange Matcha and the 0x Protocol. The team has made significant technical contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem, including the NFT token standard (ERC721) and has raised $109M up to Series B from leading investors as Pantera Capital, Greylock, Coinbase and Jump.

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