San Francisco Blockchain Week 2022 Recap

Highlights from 0xpo and ETHSanFrancisco.

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November 21, 2022
San Francisco Blockchain Week 2022 Recap

After a two year hiatus, SFBW returned to the Golden City for a week-long, decentralized conference focused on helping the industry reach mainstream adoption through fundamental education and engagement with projects leading the way. 0x was proud to be an SFBW co-organizer and have 0xpo: Crossroads as one of the week’s official events.

0xpo: Crossroads

  • Event website:
  • 1,000+ attendees
  • 20+ diverse speaker
  • Keynote and fireside chat with Andrew Yang
  • NFT art exhibitions by MakersPlace, Hydrate Labs, and more

Following up our inaugural event in 2020, 0xpo: Crossroads brought together hundreds of builders, investors, and industry leaders in San Francisco for a full day of networking and sharing of future-focused ideas.

0xpo featured a keynote and fireside chat with Andrew Yang and panels with speakers from Angel Block, CoW Swap, Slow Ventures, DAO Research, Proof of Beauty, Phantom, Orrick, Decrypt, DAO Helper, Goldsky, Paul Hastings, Block Native, Blowfish, Volt Capital, and Vol 1 Ventures.

Brian Krogsgard, co-founder of and host of UpOnly, MC’d the day, Decrypt’s Jason Nelson was on-hand for interviews with industry leaders, MakersPlace exhibited Not Fungible’s “CHRONICLES” collection, Say Ya hosted a 0x-themed photo booth, and HydrateLabs curated a “Fine Art of Women by Women” exhibit featuring Indrani Mitra, Kaija Art, and zoewintersx.

You can watch all of the talks below:

A huge shout-out to all of our sponsors, support staff, panelists, and the San Francisco Web3 community for making 0xpo possible!


On the heels of 0xpo, ETHSanFrancisco brought together nearly two-thousand builders and creatives aligned around a vision for a better decentralized world for an amazing weekend of learning and building. Over the course of the weekend, 1250+ hackers launched 284 projects and took home over $300k+ in prizes - officially making it ETHGlobal’s largest hackathon ever.

Hackathons like ETHSanFrancisco present an incredible opportunity for developers and creatives to build and test their Web3 ideas in a welcoming space, receive real-time feedback, and win prizes to help bring those ideas to life.

It was awesome meeting all of the builders at ETHSF. In total, 16 projects built with Swap API!

Congrats to all of the 0x prize winners from the hackathon:

🥇 CryptoWharf - $5,000

CryptoWharf is a crypto native one-stop shop for founders to pitch their start-up and raise funding from investors looking to access deals with high growth potential, democratizing innovation and catalyzing the development of the Web3 ecosystem. Founders can create a fundraising round for their start-up and pitch their company to investors. Investors can access deals, invest with any crypto, and mint an NFT to share with their network.

CryptoWharf uses Swap API to swap between tokens investors want to invest in and tokens project owners want to receive.

🥈 Portfi - $3,000

Portfi is a permissionless, customizable asset manager that democratizes access to quant finance, allowing top traders to raise and manage capital efficiently. Fund managers are able to create vaults running arbitrary trading/yield generation strategies. Because the trading strategy is off-chain, the strategies can be as complicated as the most advanced quantitative strategies employed at hedge funds and trading firms today.

Portfi uses Swap API to execute trades after the initial amount calculations are discovered.

🥉 xPay - $2,000

xPay enables merchants to accept payments in crypto in their Shopify store. Users have the freedom to pay with their favorite token on their favorite chain, while merchants get the simplicity of receiving all payments in USDC on Polygon.

xPay uses Swap API to swap tokens used as payment for USDC, allowing users to pay with a variety of tokens on different chains.

We also want to give a huge shoutout to all of the other projects that built on Swap API: Aspan, EasyLP, Laddertop, Learn2DAO, Loaned, MasterSwap, MEV Monitor, Ontrack, PepperStake, Phezzan Protocol, SwallowProject, zAPI, and ZK Section 9. Thanks for the amazing weekend of building!