Power up your Farcaster Frames with 0x swaps

An overview of Frames on Warpcast, including exciting frames powered by 0x and resources you can use to build Frames of your own.

Published on
May 2, 2024
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Power up your Farcaster Frames with 0x swaps

At the beginning of this year, Farcaster released Frames. Frames turn any post in Farcaster’s social feed into an interactive app. Since then, we’ve seen an explosion of Frames onto the scene, including token swap frames, wallet activity frames, social engagement frames, and many more.

At the same time, Farcaster growth has skyrocketed, with Daily Active Users (DAU) reaching a peak of 50k casters in April.

We're awarding 20k DEGEN each to the top 3 most interesting Actions or Frames using 0x API. Check out more details on Warpcast.

In this post, we’ll highlight some exciting Frames powered by 0x for inspiration, a few of which came from the Frame bounty we launched in March, as well as resources you can use to build Frames of your own.

Frames powered by 0x


Paycaster offers the core building blocks to swap, send, and receive token payments, and grow revenue on Farcaster. Users can easily call these functions by tagging @swapbot and @paybot directly in the social feed.

@swapbot offers an easy way to swap tokens directly in the Farcaster feed. This is useful for users who are part of communities that have a token and want to be able to buy them directly without having to leave the app. Token swaps are powered by the 0x Swap API.

@paybot enables users to make payments directly in the Farcaster feed. This is beneficial to users who want to pay other users on the platform for products, services, raffles, bounties, giveaways, and tipping.

Learn more about Paycaster:


Airstack offers robust developer tools for creating on-chain applications, including a suite of Farcaster development tools (e.g. frames validator, no-code frames) and compatibility APIs for various platforms including Ethereum, Base, Zora, Degen, XMTP, and Lens. Their advanced abstraction modules also help simplify adding features such as Trending Casts, Swaps, Tokens, and Mints to any app.

Airstack has also introduced a no-code Farcaster Frame that enables anyone to share Trending Swaps on the Base blockchain. Users are able to swap directly in the Frame, which is powered on the backend by 0x. You can see it in action here on Farcaster and configure your own on Airstack!

Learn more about Airstack:

Matcha Wallet Activity Frame

Matcha, a DEX aggregator, built a Frame that rewards Farcaster users who have traded on Matcha with tokens they can claim directly in-frame. When users click the Frame, it connects to the wallet address connected to their Farcaster account and checks whether or not the address qualifies for the reward.

Matcha’s first launched this Frame to anyone who swapped more than $5 using Matcha Auto on Base, and ended up giving away over 2.5 Million $DEGEN to their followers! Since then, they’ve launched multiple variations on other chains with claims for WETH or WBTC swaps.

Token Swap Frame

Frame Swap, built by @greg, allows users to swap ETH for ERC20 tokens directly. It’s configured to support a few Farcaster-native memecoins, but it can be modified to generate a Frame for any ERC20 token on Base or Optimism. 

Token Price Check and Swap

This Frame started by only showing the specified token price, but it has grown to enable buying with ETH, as well as displaying the token price chart, market cap, and volume.

In addition, @iamng also provides a service called Freddie Trade to set up a Frame that shows the latest market price and allow users to buy directly in-frame. 

TOSHI Token Frame

@complexlity created this Frame for all things $TOSHI. Users can buy, get rates, and monitor live market prices for the $TOSHI token.

Price Monitor Bot Frame

This Frame built by @ethspresso.eth can be used to monitor USD value of DEGEN and other Base tokens, with pricing powered by 0x APIs!

Token Swaps on Polygon

@siddesh built this Frame that allows users to swap 18 different Polygon tokens directly from their Warpcast feed.

Token Price Check Frame

 @koisose.eth set up this Frame to check the token price of any ERC20, with live pricing powered by the 0x Price API

How to build a Warpcast Frame

To build your own 0x-powered Frame, you can either code it up or leverage a no-code solution. Below is a shortlist of resources for both of these methods.

Also, make sure to read this How to Create Frames for Warpcast blog post from Matcha.xyz, which gives an overview of different types of Frames gaining traction in the space and details more tools for setting up Frames.

Code Your Own Frame

No-Code Frames

Test Your Frame

Before releasing your Frame, make sure to test it out using Warpcast’s built-in Frame Validator.

Share Your Build

We look forward to seeing the future of Frames continue to develop, and the SocialFi space continue to expand and find innovative integrations with on-chain transactions.

Are you building a Frame that uses 0x API and would like to be featured in our future posts? Reach out to us on Warpcast or share your Frame in the 0x channel. We look forward to sharing what you’ve built!