Introducing paid plans for Swap API

We are launching paid plans for Swap API to deliver even more value to our customers. Starting August 1, customers will be able to subscribe to a plan directly from the 0x Dashboard.

Published on
July 24, 2023
Introducing paid plans for Swap API

In pursuit of building industry-leading products that deliver maximum value, we are launching paid plans for Swap API on August 1. You can learn more about our pricing principles here.

Monetizing our APIs will enable us to sustainably invest in further improvements and deliver even more value to our customers. Customers can anticipate a host of new features, improved performance, enhanced support, and much more! 

The plans

Multiple tiers will be available to cater to your unique requirements, depending on your requests per second (RPS), monthly API calls, and number of apps.

Developers looking to test new use cases can start using 0x for free, rapidly accessing deep liquidity for thousands of tokens. Businesses that rely on 0x as a vital part of their product infrastructure can choose a paid tier that aligns with their needs and scale accordingly. 

All plans will come with the benefits that Swap API currently offers, including easy access to deep liquidity, enterprise grade reliability with 99% uptime, automated self-serve API key management, and user insights delivered directly to your dashboard. All customers will also be able to tap into affiliate fees and trade surplus features, enabling you to monetize your products effectively.

You can view more details about our plans and pricing here.

Note: For teams in the Free and Starter tiers, there is a 15 bps on-chain swap fee for selected tokens. For detailed information on the API response, please refer to our documentation.

How to subscribe to a plan

1. On August 1, you’ll be able to choose a plan directly from the 0x Dashboard and enter your billing details. You can sign up for our yearly plans to receive a 20% discount.

2. You can view API usage and performance metrics on the 0x Dashboard.

3. If you want to cancel or change your plan after you’ve subscribed, please contact us.

All customers who have not subscribed to a paid plan by August 8 will be defaulted to the Free plan.

We’re excited to take this next step to deliver an even more powerful experience to customers building with 0x. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out.