0x 101: How to Access 0x Data

The canonical guide to 0x volume, usage, and trade data.

Published on
April 25, 2023
Learn & Build
0x 101: How to Access 0x Data

At 0x Labs, we want 0x data to be easy to access, transparent, and available to everyone.

We have put together a new guide that will serve as the canonical resource for accessing all 0x data. This new guide introduces the dashboards and tools available to explore 0x data for different needs.

The solutions contained in this documentation are ideal for teams working on analytics product or data information sites, looking to integrate 0x data with minimum effort; or for DeFi researchers/analysts looking for ready-made, reliable sources about 0x. For now, we are mainly focusing on ready-made analytics solutions that don’t require advanced data scraping. However, we have included additional links to resources for advanced use cases.

We will keep the guide updated with the latest resources.