Frame spotlight: Airstack

Learn how Airstack leverages Swap API in their no-code Farcaster Frame to enable anyone to share and swap trending tokens directly from their social feed.

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May 9, 2024
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Frame spotlight: Airstack

Welcome to our new Frame spotlight series, where we highlight exciting and novel Farcaster Frames powered by 0x. In this post, we’ll take a look at how Airstack leverages Swap API to enable anyone to share and swap trending tokens directly from their social feed.

What is Airstack?

Airstack offers a suite of developer tools for creating on-chain applications, including a collection of Farcaster development tools (e.g. frames validator, no-code frames) and compatibility APIs for various platforms including Ethereum, Base, Zora, Degen, XMTP, and Lens.

Their advanced abstraction modules also help simplify adding features such as Trending Casts, Swaps, Tokens, and Mints to any app.

What sets Airstack apart? 

Airstack’s abstraction module focuses on trending Casts, Swaps, Tokens, and Mints providing real-time data on what is “hot”. This allows app developers to create engaging modules for their users.

With the recent the introduction of Frames and explosion of Farcaster usage, the Airstack team jumped in to help the devs by providing essential tooling such as Frames validation. In addition, they saw an opportunity to help anyone launch Frames by building a no-code tool to build Frames for token balances, NFT collections, and trending swaps. 

Airstack has seen strong growth, with more than $3M total volume traded through the Swaps Frame and 5000+ transactions in just the first 30 days! 

How does Airstack use 0x?

The team introduced a no-code Farcaster frame that enables anyone to share Trending Swaps on the Base blockchain. Users are able to swap directly in the Frame, which is powered on the backend by 0x Swap API. You can see it in action here on Farcaster and configure your own on Airstack! 

What’s next for Airstack?

Airstack is focused on helping grow the Farcaster network as a powerful on-chain ecosystem, including, tooling that helps developer build better Farcaster Apps, Frames, and Actions products that help all Farcaster users (authors, builders, channel hosts, and brands) grow and prosper.

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