Building in the open: 0x pricing update

After actively listening to and receiving valuable feedback from customers, we are excited to introduce an updated range of flexible and accessible options to better support your needs.

Published on
December 11, 2023
Building in the open: 0x pricing update

Earlier this year, we introduced paid plans for 0x APIs as part of our efforts to sustainably invest in building industry-leading products and deliver even more value to the 500+ teams using our APIs. These plans reflected the pricing principles outlined here

After actively listening to and receiving valuable feedback from customers, we are excited to introduce an updated range of flexible and accessible options to better support your needs.

Building valuable products

Since we launched in 2017, 0x APIs have enabled hundreds of customers of all sizes to integrate exchange functionality into their apps, build and expand their core products, and monetize their businesses.

Over those past six years, we have also seen the Web3 space rapidly evolve. Now, as Web3 matures from small projects to robust businesses, companies are thinking about how to generate revenue to sustainably invest in their technology.

In an effort to deliver the most value to our customers, we introduced paid plans and swap fees for the first time at the beginning of August. As one of the first companies in the DEX space to roll out paid plans, we knew experimentation and feedback from customers would be vital in shaping our offerings.

After listening to our customers, we’re rolling out updated plans to provide a smoother and more cost-effective experience.

Our updated plans

While the process of getting started with 0x always has been and will remain free, our paid plans now offer more flexible options for you to grow and scale your usage - whether you’re looking to simply access real-time DEX price data or integrate swaps in your growing app. Here’s a breakdown of the plans:

Starter: Grow and scale with our pay-as-you-go plan

We are here to grow with you. Apps that rely on 0x as a vital part of their product infrastructure can now get started with our flexible pay-as-you-go plan and scale accordingly. This new pay-as-you-go Starter plan replaces our legacy Starter plan, offering higher performance (10 RPS vs 2 RPS) at a more affordable price point. Only pay for the calls you use, with access to higher throughput, exclusive RFQ liquidity, and priority support.

Price API: Access real-time DEX prices for 4M+ tokens

Many of our customers rely on 0x APIs to access comprehensive DEX price data, without the need for swaps. We’ve tailored our new pay-as-you-go Price API plan to provide these customers with a dedicated plan that includes higher throughput and a more cost-effective experience.

Growth: Peak capacity with no swap fees

Need peak capacity with no swap fees? We’ve got you covered. Our Growth plan provides higher throughput, zero swap fees, 6M calls, and support for 5+ apps, all for one flat monthly cost.

Get started for free

We are committed to enabling access to DEX markets. As always, developers looking to test new use cases can start using 0x for free, rapidly tapping into deep liquidity for thousands of tokens.

All plans, with the exception of the Price API plan, come with all the same great benefits that Swap API currently offers, including easy access to deep liquidity across 9 chains, enterprise grade reliability with 99% uptime, and automated self-serve API key management.

0x also offers Web3 teams low-friction ways to monetize their products. All trading plans enable you to unlock new revenue streams by easily tapping into affiliate fee and trade surplus features. 

You can view all the details of our plans here.

Get started today

For existing customers, you can subscribe to an updated plan directly from the 0x Dashboard. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out.

New to 0x? Join the 500+ teams building on 0x and get started for free by signing up for an account.