App spotlight: Tally

An interview with Tally, a free, open-source Web3 wallet built and owned by the people who use it.

Published on
March 8, 2022
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App spotlight: Tally

Welcome to the 0x spotlight series, where we highlight some of the exciting and novel projects built on 0x. Next up is Tally! Tally is a free, open-source Web3 wallet built and owned by the people who use it. We spoke with Michael Haley from Tally about the recent launch of Tally Swaps, why they chose 0x, and much more.

Enjoy the interview!

What is Tally?

Tally is the first Web3 wallet that’s owned and operated by its users. Tally is 100% open source (GPLv3) and built on the values of community ownership, access for everyone, and respect for developers supporting public goods. Tally is designed to support its community, rather than enrich corporate shareholders.

We also recently launched Tally Swaps! Tally Swaps provides DeFi users with a new way to swap tokens. This is where 0x API is employed so users get the most competitive exchange rates. The best part is all fees from swaps go straight to the community via our Community Multisig! If you haven’t used Tally yet, check out our guide to getting started with Tally.

What sets Tally apart from other wallets?

Tally is an opportunity to deliver a wallet built on openness through its product, culture, code, and community. We are reimagining the wallet as a public good. Tally is 100% open source (surprisingly not all wallets are) and will be the first wallet governed by a DAO (launching soon!).

Not only have we designed Tally to be owned by the community, we're also working to foster the ecosystem and support public goods through a range of initiatives. Tally is the first sponsor of the ethers.js library and we’re also putting forward a DAO vote to use Gitcoin’s new Aqueduct mechanism to route 2.5% of the token supply to fund public goods on Ethereum.

Why did you choose to integrate Swap API?

Tally uses Swap API to power swaps within the Tally wallet. It's a powerful integration that brings a ton of value to our users and community.

The biggest driver for choosing Swap API was the ability to easily bring swaps into the Tally wallet and provide the best pricing to users.

What’s next for Tally?

Right now we’re in a pre-release "community edition". Getting the Community Edition into the hands of our users was an important step towards full community ownership. The developers have been squashing bugs and steadily adding features since launching in December, including recently released support for Ledger. They also have a slate of new features planned for the coming weeks.

Alongside the upcoming DAO launch, they’ll also release the full version of the Tally wallet, which will feature some cool ways to earn yield from right inside the wallet, plus a few other goodies. So stay tuned!

After that, I expect to see Tally add an integration for POKT Network, L2 support, other L1s, full NFT support, and much more.

Where can people go to learn more about Tally?

You can learn more about Tally and the upcoming DAO launch at The best way to get your paws on everything Tally is by joining our Discord, where you can catch us every Friday on our community calls @ 2 EST.

Thanks for chatting, Michael!

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