0x Labs raises $15M Series A to bring decentralized exchange markets to a global audience

Today we’re thrilled to announce that 0x Labs has raised $15M in Series A financing.

Published on
February 5, 2021
0x Labs raises $15M Series A to bring decentralized exchange markets to a global audience

Today we’re thrilled to announce that 0x Labs has raised $15M in Series A financing led by Pantera Capital with participation from Jump Capital, Nima Capital, Blockchain.com Ventures, Nascent Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, IOSG Ventures, DeFi Alliance, and a host of operators, market makers, and builders across DeFi.

The past 12 months have been pivotal for our team. After spending three years developing 0x Protocol to serve as a decentralized exchange infrastructure layer and the foundation for open and globally accessible markets, our organization expanded our focus in 2020 to include building vertically on top of 0x Protocol to drive growth and adoption.

  • We established 0x Labs to develop a sustainable business on top of 0x while we continue to pursue our mission, to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely, and our vision for 0x as a community owned and operated platform.
  • We established Periscope Trading: a DeFi-native trading desk that uses 0x Protocol to bring competitive prices and deeper liquidity to DeFi and other nascent p2p markets.
  • We launched 0x Swap API: a professional grade decentralized exchange aggregation API that allows developers to easily bring swap functionality with market leading prices into wallets and DeFi applications. 0x API has powered over $3.5B of trading volume through Matcha, DeFi Saver, Metamask, Zapper, Shapeshift, and many more.
  • We launched our flagship consumer product, Matcha: a decentralized exchange aggregator that finds the best prices across all major exchange networks thanks to Swap API. Matcha is ready to bring decentralized exchange to the masses with best-in-class UX and has facilitated over $2.8B in trades in just six months.
  • We worked with the community to develop and launch 0x Protocol v4, the most powerful version of the open source protocol yet. Version 4 sets the bar for security, gas efficiency, and introduces a new modular architecture that empowers developers to compose 0x with a growing number of DeFi primitives.

These developments have already delivered compelling results. 0x Protocol has now enabled over $15B in trading volume across more than 250,000 unique traders worldwide while powering the backend exchange infrastructure for dozens of top DeFi applications. Additionally, with the token economics introduced in v3 of the 0x Protocol, the network has generated over $1M in fees paid to ZRX holders and market makers, underscoring the value that the network can create while aligning long term incentives for token holders and network participants alike.

Growing decentralized exchange volumes have created a compelling opportunity for professional liquidity providers to enter the space. We are excited to partner with Jump to bring their expertise across traditional financial markets to 0x Protocol and accelerate DeFi’s progress towards mainstream adoption.

While we’ve made strides toward our vision of open and globally accessible markets, we are just getting started. The fact remains that an individual’s economic freedom and opportunity in life is primarily determined by the geographic region they are born into. The opportunity to leave the geographic lottery behind by building a global financial system that is more efficient, transparent, and equitable is tremendously important, and we couldn’t be more excited to take on this challenge.

Actualizing our mission requires highly aligned teammates. We’re currently hiring for a variety of engineering roles, spanning smart contract, p2p network, data infrastructure, and web3 application development; algorithmic trading; and more. We’ll soon be opening additional positions across marketing and other domains. You’re encouraged to apply directly at 0x.org/careers.

We care deeply about our teammates, and offer industry-leading compensation and benefits (including a long-standing remote-first culture, comprehensive insurance that’s fully covered for you and your family, mental healthcare, 401k, paid parental leave, at-home meal delivery and reimbursement, and more).

Here’s to the year of the 0x 🐂 and beyond!