App spotlight: DEXTools

An interview with 0x integrator DEXTools, a suite of DEX trading tools that puts real-time data analysis at the tips of your fingers.

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September 23, 2021
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App spotlight: DEXTools

Welcome to the 0x spotlight series, where we highlight exciting and novel projects built on 0x. Next up is DEXTools! DEXTools is a suite of DEX trading tools that puts real-time data analysis at the tips of your fingers. We talked with DEXTools co-founder Frederic Fernandez about what inspired the team to start DEXTools, the recent launch of the new DEXTools Aggregator, and why they chose to integrate 0x.

Enjoy the interview!

What is DEXTools and what inspired you to start it?

DEXTools is a trading app aimed at providing information about DeFi markets to users of decentralized exchanges. We utilize information from the blockchain that we process and display in an intuitive and user-friendly interface, along with providing various tools that facilitate daily trading.

The founders of DEXTools started as traders and have been passionate about cryptocurrencies since 2017. Initially, we created some primitive tools for ourselves focused on the IDEX Exchange, and in 2020 we decided to open these tools to the public. After releasing Uniswap V2, thanks to feedback from the community, we decided to adapt and launch them for Uniswap and other major DEXes, which led to an explosion in popularity of the platform. We’ve grown to serve more than 12 million users per month.

The main difference between DEXTools and our competitors is the quality of our team and our infrastructure, as well as the internal data processing we have which, although more expensive and costly to maintain, will give us many advantages in the long run.

Congratulations on recently launching the new DEXTools Aggregator powered by 0x! Can you provide some additional insight into the aggregator?

The need for an aggregator is something that we have been discussing for a long time at DEXTools, as it avoids wasting valuable time going to exchanges to trade and makes it possible to trade directly from the same interface quickly and comfortably.

Knowing how easy it would be to integrate Swap API, and thanks to the support given to us by their technical team, we went for it. We integrated it in record time with remarkable success.

The aggregator works very simply, you just need to connect your wallet to the DEXTools App and you can begin sending transactions from our interface. Adoption has been fantastic, with thousands of transactions already generated in the first month. And now that we have integrated wallet support for mobile devices, we expect usage to grow even more going forward.

Why did you choose to integrate Swap API?

We use Swap API for a multitude of things, but above all to allow our users to send buy and sell transactions and get the best token prices on all exchanges aggregated by the API. Thanks to this, we can support the three networks we have integrated at the moment - ETH, BSC and Polygon.

0x Swap API is one of the best known and most reliable exchange aggregators in the crypto space. What attracted us the most was the quality of the data and the security of the API.

And although it took a while to get to the integration due to the work required by other updates in our roadmap, in the end it has been a great solution and we expect there to be many more supported chains in the near future.

What’s next for DEXTools?

The main priority for us at the moment is the integration of new blockchains and exchanges. We have added thirteen new exchanges already and will soon integrate a new blockchain, probably Solana, Fantom or Avalanche. This will allow our users to continue to benefit from trading a wide variety of assets on multiple networks.

For all of this, we have a great team in place, with two new additions in September that will give us the boost we need for future updates. We are also finishing up an incredible update of our interface. Looking toward the future, we are also exploring the possibility of building our own DEX (which is under development) and expanding the ecosystem towards other kinds of opportunities.

Where can people go to learn more about DEXTools?

We are very active on our main social networks, Twitter and Telegram. For immediate support, our Telegram is the best option and we're happy to serve you there. To keep up with the latest news, follow us on Twitter.

We also have important guides and updates on Medium, as well as the amazing DEXTools Academy channel on Youtube, where we release a new video about DEXTools and DeFi in general every week.


Thanks for chatting, Frederic!

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