App spotlight: DappRadar

An interview with 0x integrator DappRadar, a platform for exploring, tracking, and managing dapps.

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December 16, 2021
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App spotlight: DappRadar

Welcome to the 0x spotlight series, where we highlight some of the exciting and novel projects built on 0x. Next up is DappRadar! DappRadar makes exploring, tracking, and managing dapps easy. We talked to Jamie from DappRadar about their new Token Swap platform, why they chose 0x, and what the team has in store for the future.

Enjoy the interview!

What is DappRadar?

DappRadar is the #1 decentralized app store. We aim to make exploring, tracking and managing dapps insightful, convenient and rewarding for all. We offer a single location to discover, react, trade and manage dapps from across different categories, protocols, and asset classes - ranging from NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming and more.

You recently launched an integrated token swap platform. Why did you decide to bring swap functionality into DappRadar and what has the response been so far?

A lot of DappRadar users either come to our platform to discover and analyze dapps, and often times that analysis includes a token, or to keep track of their portfolio performance using our Portfolio Tracker. In both cases, as a next step the user needs a quick, convenient way to either sell or buy the token they have just looked at, either as part of a new investment or just for managing their existing portfolio.

DappRadar users have really taken to Token Swap since we introduced the product on our platform. To date, we have seen over 25,000 swaps take place - which we see dramatically increasing  as we integrate it further into our product.

Why did you choose to integrate Swap API?

We were initially exploring different services for building the Token Swap feature, but because of the comprehensive documentation, frequent product updates and quality of the product, we decided to move forward with Swap API.

We’ve been multi-chain since the beginning, therefore the fact that we can offer users token swapping for Ethereum, BSC and Polygon via 0x is incredibly valuable for our chain agnostic vision.

It was a straightforward integration into our products. Now we can easily offer our users the best prices on the market and gas-efficient transactions, which is super important on Ethereum.

Do you have any advice for anyone considering building a DeFi app using Swap API?

Read the documentation, join the Discord server and ask questions if you have any doubts. Other than that, everything is very smooth and overall we had a positive, hassle free experience integrating Swap API.

What’s next for DappRadar?

Alongside the introduction of Token Swap, we have launched a number of new features in 2021, including the ability to purchase crypto with our payment service provider integration. We also allow users to trade their NFTs, allowing them to list and buy them on DappRadar - or even transfer them to other wallets.

Our short and longer term roadmap is equally as packed, with upgrades planned around further developing our protocol agnostic vision, ensuring DappRadar users can manage their portfolio more effectively and ensuring our UX/UI remains best of breed.

We also have some pretty big announcements in the pipeline, which unfortunately will have to remain under wraps for now, so make sure to keep up to date on all things DappRadar for updates.

Where can people go to learn more about DappRadar?

Create an account, connect your wallet and interact with our portfolio tracker at

To keep up to date on developments, join our growing community on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

Thanks for chatting, Jamie!

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