0x Dev Digest: June 2023

A round-up of the latest 0x news, product updates, insights, and more. This month: monetization across the DEX stack, inspiration for building with 0x, and Phantom's new EVM swapper powered by 0x.

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June 30, 2023
0x Dev Digest: June 2023

Welcome to the 0x newsletter, where each month we round up the latest news, product updates, insights, and more.

Let’s dive in 👇

Monetization across the DEX stack

As part of our ongoing “Decreasing Frictions in DeFi” virtual hackathon, 0x co-CEO Will Warren recently gave a presentation on how monetization has played out across different layers of the DEX stack, from the emergence of Uniswap to MEV, and provided an overview of where we are at today.

As Will highlights, in order to realize the full potential of blockchain technology, the industry will need to figure out how to monetize and build sustainable business models. Learn how value at different layers of the DEX stack can be captured 👇

Inspiration for building with 0x

Building in Web3 can be challenging, but Swap API makes it easy for teams of all sizes to tap into deep liquidity from 100+ exchanges with a single integration.

We recently put together a guide exploring the wide range of use-cases possible with Swap API, highlighting the vast ecosystem of businesses already building with Swap API, from large enterprises to DeFi apps, along the way. Learn how your team can leverage Swap API 👇

Phantom leverages Swap API to power new in-wallet swapper

Phantom recently launched their new in-wallet swapper with support for Ethereum and Polygon, powered by Swap API. Phantom relies on Swap API to access thousands of EVM tokens, provide users with better prices, and protect against MEV attacks with built-in slippage protection.

Hear from the Phantom and 0x teams about the new swap feature and how 0x helped bring it to life 👇

Catch the 0x team at EthCC

Going to be in Paris for EthCC? We're hosting a DeFi networking event, "From Paris with ❤️", with Pantera and Web3 Club @ Station F on July 18th. Join us to for an evening of light bites, cocktails, and networking with industry veterans and leading investors in the Web3 space. We want to hear about what you're building and how we can collaborate! Apply for spot here.

We’re also proud to be sponsoring the SheFi Summit at EthCC on July 16th. This inaugural event will bring together the top female leaders, thinkers and builders in the Web3 space for a day of education, building and networking. Discover your spark and join us for illuminating panels, high-impact workshops, and elevated connections. Tickets are live now!

Wrapping up

Thanks for tuning in! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all of the exciting things happening at 0x.

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