0x Dev Digest: August 2023

A round-up of the latest 0x news, product updates, customer stories, and more. This month - Swap API on Base, a brand new Matcha, and fresh liquidity sources!

Published on
August 31, 2023
0x Dev Digest: August 2023

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Swap API is now live on Base

We recently launched Swap API on Base mainnet. Now, Web3 teams can quickly tap into deep liquidity and unlock access to token swaps on Base.

In just a few short weeks, Swap API has facilitated $10.45 million in volume across 12.5k trades on Base. Swap API is currently aggregating liquidity across Uniswap, Balancer, Baseswap, Maverick, and Aerodrome, with Uniswap v3 the leading liquidity source representing 43% of API volume on Base.

Ready to build on Base? If you are familiar with Swap API on Ethereum, Optimism, or one of the many other chains we support, you will notice the integration process is very similar. To get started, check out our documentation.

Portal launches swaps in its white label MPC wallet powered by 0x

Portal recently announced a native token swaps feature available for easy implementation via its white label Web3 wallet offering, the Portal SDK, powered on the backend by Swap API.

Now, Portal’s customers can quickly enable swaps for their users across thousands of tokens on the most popular blockchains, tapping into aggregated liquidity across DEXs with one simple integration.

Portal’s Swap API integration enables its customers to focus their development resources on their core products while providing their users the most complete set of Web3 capabilities via the Portal SDK.

Powered by 0x: Matcha

It’s time to meet the brand new Matcha! 🍵

This month, we sat down with the core devs from 0x’s very own DEX aggregator to talk about everything from Matcha’s freshly brewed update - including the importance of UX in DeFi, Matcha Auto, limit orders, and much more!

Learn how 0x is powering the most frictionless experience in DeFi here.

Fresh liquidity sources

One integration with 0x unlocks thousands of tokens on the most popular blockchains and aggregated liquidity from 100+ AMMs and private market makers. That’s the deepest liquidity in DeFi.

This month, we added the following liquidity sources:

  • Aerodrome on Base
  • Balancer on Base
  • Maverick on Base
  • PancakeSwap v3 on BSC
  • Uniswap v3 on Avalanche, BSC, and Base
  • Velodrome v2 on Optimism

Want to learn more about how we manage our liquidity portfolio? Check out our new Under the Hood article on Swap API liquidity management.

Wrapping up

Thanks for tuning in! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on all of the exciting things happening at 0x.

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