0x at ETHDenver 2023

It was an amazing and busy week for the 0x team at ETHDenver. Here's a look back at what happened.

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March 21, 2023
0x at ETHDenver 2023

ETHDenver 2023 was a truly magical experience for the 0x team. The majestic mountains of Denver served as the perfect backdrop for the world's largest ETH event, and we were thrilled to be part of the experience as a sponsor and participants. Throughout the week, we showcased our latest products, spoke at various events, networked with builders and leaders in the space, and teased the new branding of our DEX aggregator, Matcha.xyz.

In the heart of the DeFi District, the cool green glow of the refreshed Matcha logo caught the attention of long-time users and those curious about our DEX aggregator at our booth.

Visitors not only had the chance to sign up for an upcoming beta of the new Matcha version but also received some sweet Matcha-themed swag and one of the best snacks ever invented: Pocky (matcha-flavored, of course!).

Members of the 0x team also took to the stage to share their knowledge. Among them were Phil Liao (Sr. Software Engineer), Danning Sui (Lead Data Scientist), and Daria Shakhbazova (Business Development Lead). At ETHDenver, Phil presented our newly released product, Tx Relay API, which abstracts the complexities related to approvals, allowances, and swaps, allowing users to pay for a transaction’s gas with any token in their wallet. Danning participated in a cross-chain DEX panel at the Interop Summit, while Daria spoke at Hav3n, a gathering for women in the Web3 community to connect, learn, and grow together.

Congratulations to the 0x Bounty Winners

We offered $7,000 in bounty prizes to teams that integrated the 0x Swap API into their hackathon projects. Nine teams rose to the challenge, and after a round of competitive judging, these top three teams were awarded prizes:

🥇 CoinChoice - 1st Place: $3,000

CoinChoice is a MetaMask and browser extension that allows users to choose which coins to pay gas fees, reducing the friction of fractionalized liquidity. It enables users to go cross-chain sooner and interact with smart contracts with fewer steps. Users can top up gas directly from MetaMask and pay gas in another token, making it easier for new crypto users to engage with blockchains.

The process involves selecting a default coin, comparing the gas estimate to the chosen coin using the 0x Swap API, and using a meta-tx to swap from the chosen coin to ETH with the 0x Protocol.

Learn more about the project: https://app.buidlbox.io/projects/coin-choice

🥈 Riko - 2nd Place: $2,500

Riko aims to simplify self-custody using AI and decentralized protocols to allow users to buy crypto easily. It uses ERC-4337 and 0x Swap API to find the best quotes across DeFi platforms and performs the transaction on behalf of the user. RIKO can also send funds, check balances, bridge funds to other chains, and borrow/lend funds.

Learn more about the project: app.buidlbox.io/projects/rik

🥉 LiquidEase - 3rd Place: $1,500

LiquidEase allows liquidity providers to supply single-sided liquidity, making it easier and more customizable to provide liquidity. The smart contract calculates the optimal amount of tokens to swap with another token using the 0x Swap API, aggregating multiple LPs to find the best swap price and minimize slippage. Users can also use customizable triggers to automate their positions using OpenZeppelin's Defender. Learn more about the project: app.buidlbox.io/projects/liquidease

While the remaining projects didn’t receive a bounty prize, we still want to acknowledge their work here:

  • Bandit Club introduces a new model for smart contract monetization where users pay a subscription fee based on their address's total volume.
    Learn more: app.buidlbox.io/projects/bandit-club
  • Simplify makes Web3 Automation and DevOps more accessible through a low-code, drag-and-drop interface that works with any REST API, RPC Provider, or Chainlink Oracle (Infura, Alchemy).
    Learn more: app.buidlbox.io/projects/simplyfi
  • FightClub is a lending facility and market creation tool with a built-in model for DAO monetization.
    Learn more: app.buidlbox.io/projects/fight-club
  • Talent Pay is a decentralized one-stop shop for builders and commissioners to settle development demand and supply, offering comprehensive payroll support, privacy solutions, and an in-app swap widget for easy token swaps.
    Learn more: app.buidlbox.io/projects/talent-pay
  • Eisen aims to bring the billion liquidity of professional traders in CeFi to DeFi by developing a pro DeFi trading tool that minimizes slippage, enables cross-chain swaps, highlights cheaper DeFi prices, maximizes AAVE liquidity through flashloan automation, and automates leverage trading.
    Learn more: app.buidlbox.io/projects/noslipzone
  • Palm is a mobile wallet-native social messenger built to create an open and composable entity-based messaging protocol for web3 communities, allowing users to exercise on-chain activities securely and efficiently, including sharing, buying, and selling NFTs privately, and creating token gating channels.
    Learn more: app.buidlbox.io/projects/palm

See You Next Time

We thank everyone who stopped by our sponsor booth and chatted with us. A special thanks go out to the teams who used the 0x Swap API in their hackathon projects. Although organizing such events takes a lot of work and planning, they’re worth it, and we always leave energized by everyone's creativity and passion for building and advancing the space. Until next time, may the spirit of the Bufficorn be with you!